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One of our missions is to explore the value, relevance and benefit of spatial data. It aims to bring together different organisations including the public sector, start-up companies, research institutions and application developers in partnerships to discover and collate spatial datasets and to innovate new ways for harnessing spatial data and geospatial technology. Stakeholders will work in collaboration to identify and develop innovative geospatial applications with a view to improve the delivery of public services, enhance productivity and create new economic and social benefits.

Some initial ideas on how innovative applications could make use of geospatial data are given in each of the following six major areas that helps to build Hong Kong into a world class smart city. If you would like to share with us your views on or propose any solutions to developing these applications, please fill in the form by clicking "Submit". The wider geospatial sector and beyond is also welcomed to propose any other challenges and solutions that lie ahead.

The six major areas adopted from the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint are “Smart Economy”, “Smart Environment”, “Smart Government”, “Smart Living”, “Smart Mobility” and “Smart People”. For details of the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint, please click here.