1 Jul 2022

Release of CSDI’s Framework Spatial Data Themes

To encourage the adoption of FSDT in private sectors and to establish the FSDT as the industry standards and benchmarks for different industries and applications in Hong Kong, six FSDT, namely "Coordinate Reference System", Geographic Name", "Administrative Area", "Building", "Transportation" and "Address" are now available for browsing and downloading on the Hong Kong GeoData Store.  
In addition, bureaux/departments have published the first set of Annual Spatial Data Plans (ASDP) to set out the datasets they plan to release in the coming three years (i.e. 2022-2024) by end 2021. Users can download a consolidated list of datasets to be opened up on the CSDI portal (based on the ASDP) from the Hong Kong Geodata Store.
[Link to the Hong Kong GeoData Store]

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