13 Apr 2021

Lands Department’s digital map products made free to public

The Lands Department (LandsD) announced today (April 13) that the following digital map products are now released for free browsing and downloading:

(a)    Digital Topographic Map;
(b)    Digital Land Boundary Map;
(c)    Geo-Reference Database;
(d)    Digital Orthophoto;
(e)    Digital Aerial Photo (300 dpi resolution);
(f)    GeoCommunity Database; and
(g)    3D Spatial Data.


The open digital map products in Geographic Information System and machine-readable formats (except image products) are now available for browsing and downloading on the Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 (hkmapservice.gov.hk). Users can also access to the information at the Hong Kong GeoData Store (geodata.gov.hk) and the Public Sector Information Portal (data.gov.hk).

[Link to press release]