Objectives of Spatial Data Office (SDO)

  • To draft and propose detailed policies/ strategies/ action plans/ initiatives and the corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on CSDI and spatial data sharing;
  • To formulate and promulgate standards, guidelines best practices and toolkits relating to CSDI and spatial data sharing at the central level and liaising with departments about CSDI implementation; to monitor the current state of compliance of common standards and content-specific standards;
  • To provide the institutional structure for data sharing, discovery and access; to stock take metadata and prepare metadata inventory for spatial data particularly in the area of planning, lands and works (PLW); and non-PLW data that are necessary for the work of PLW agencies;
  • To identify and prioritise fundamental data and common sharable data for coordinated development, maintenance and dissemination; to request Bureaux/ Departments (B/Ds) to spatially enable non-sensitive location-related data identified as fundamental data or common sharable data;
  • To formulate strategy and monitor the implementation of capacity building plan and outreach the stakeholders with engagement plan on a regular basis;
  • To collaborate with external parties in implementing CSDI and spatial data sharing; to enhance public education and community involvement in CSDI and spatial data sharing; to address liability concerns of data providers, disclaimers and terms of services; and
  • To liaise with local and overseas institutions or organisations on the latest developments of CSDI; to conduct research on overseas legislation, practices, etc. on CSDI and see how they can be applied in the Hong Kong context.